Your Role on the California State Parks Transformation Team

redwood park

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is how those who care about the future of our parks – whether visitors or Parks employees – can provide suggestions and input to the Transformation Team.

From the get-go, the Transformation Team decided to be transparent, and to be open to input from stakeholders at every step. That’s exactly how the Parks Forward Commission operated – with multiple public hearings around the state, webcasts, social media input. And we’re continuing in that tradition.

Why? Because we believe your ideas are what will help us accomplish our mission.

Parks and Recreation Department Lisa Mangat is spearheading this effort. During the past few months, she has met with dozens of groups, Parks employees, and other Parks supporters to outline the Transformation Team’s efforts and get feedback.

“We’ve been given a unique opportunity in state government to transform our efforts and we can’t do that unless there is buy-in from all our stakeholders,” she says. “Now everything we do is in alignment with the principles of the transformation effort. It’s in our DNA.”

Meanwhile, in the past months, the Transformation Team itself has held multiple forums for stakeholders to guide our efforts and share their views. It has held meetings with Parks employees, both in person and via video conferencing.

Hundreds of questions about the process have been fielded by the Transformation Team, both in forums and in-person. And on its website, the Team prominently features a link to an online suggestion page. (All submissions are reviewed by the Team.)

Achieving the goals of the Transformation Team will result in changed policies, procedures, guidelines and organizational structure that support an entrepreneurial, service-oriented, creative and collaborative culture. And that begins with hearing from you.

Keep your comments coming. They make a difference.

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