The Path Forward: How the Transformation Team is Planning the Future of California State Parks

Since it began its work eight months ago, the Transformation Team has made significant progress on a number of fronts. It’s a big job: there are more than 25 initiatives and projects contained in the Transformation Action Plan.

More than 100 Team members, State Parks employees, partners and stakeholders are focusing on transforming internal department operations, the way State Parks serves the public and its strategic partners.

Just a few weeks ago, the Transformation Team released its Progress Report that highlights its work and deliverables. These efforts are matched to the team’s four strategic goals:

  • Protect and enhance natural and cultural resources;
  • Develop excellent management systems;
  • Maintain high-quality operations and public service; and
  • Create meaningful connections and relevancy to people.

The Team is working with one of the nation’s leading management firms, Deloitte Consultants, to organize our efforts.

Parks Director Lisa Mangat is at the helm of the transformation. In addition to spreading the gospel of transformation across the state, she participates in a weekly governance/coordination meeting on the transformation effort, and reaches out to other state agencies when we need their support.

Photo: Butano State Park (

In addition, the Transformation Advisory Committee, with 24 members representing a broad swath of parks leaders, meets monthly via a conference call to provide us with additional guidance. Four Parks Forward Commissions serve on this committee.

But the heart and soul of our efforts is the engagement of our stakeholders, and, in particular the employees and leadership of California State Parks.

In March and September, the group engaged in leadership meetings. In May, it held a “summit” via teleconference, funneling the opinions of 860 employees at 15 remote sites (each site had a member of our Team on hand). On the horizon: a three-day leadership training meeting with 180 Park leaders.

The Transformation Team is getting its job done – but it’s certainly not doing it alone. To keep up with the Team’s work, check out our social media sites and our web page.

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