Transformation Team on Track to Meet Challenges Raised in Parks Forward Commission’s Report

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Six months after the Parks Forward Commission released its sweeping report on the future of the state’s park system, California State Park’s Transformation Team is on track in tackling key issues raised in the report.

Meeting at the California Statewide Museum Collections Center in Sacramento last month, the Transformation Team provided a progress report on its work to more than 75 of the department’s top leaders. The daylong event provided an opportunity for feedback and additional ideas about the direction of the Team’s work.

Parks Director Lisa Mangat keynoted the meeting, noting that the Transformation Team had a unique opportunity in state government. “We have the opportunity of crafting our own future. It’s not every day that state agencies are given this amount of leeway to become more efficient and better serve citizens,” she said. “We view it as an opportunity, not just a challenge.”

Mangat noted the wide interest in the Transformation Team’s efforts among staff and Parks stakeholders. She is committed, she noted, to encouraging new ideas and feedback on the team’s efforts.

Each of the Transformation Team’s leaders also delivered presentations on the accomplishments and next steps in their areas. The team’s progress report can be viewed online at

Questions and feedback to the Transformation Team via email continue to be encouraged. You can write us at: (Please enter “Transformation Team Feedback” in the subject line of your email.)

You can also follow our actions on social media.

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