Try our new Mobile App in 8 State Parks this Thanksgiving


If you are an outdoor enthusiast or just want to skip the stores this Thanksgiving and reconnect with the outdoors, download the OuterSpatial mobile app (available on all iOS devices) to get important information like directions to popular trails, maps, events, and amenities in eight California state parks.


California State Parks launched a mobile pilot app with OuterSpatial in September and we are seeking your feedback through the end of November. The app provides a way for visitors to access the most up-to-date local information to make the most of their park visit. Before you visit any of the following eight parks, download OuterSpatial and let us know what you think through a short survey.

The participating state parks are:

Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones and making memories. If you’re planning to get outside for Green Friday, download OuterSpatial and make the most of your time experiencing the natural beauty in California’s state parks.

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This project is supported in part by the Resources Legacy Fund in service of the Parks Forward Initiative.


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