Piloting A New Mobile App in Eight State Parks This Fall

California State Parks is launching a new iOS mobile pilot app in eight parks around the state. The OuterSpatial pilot app is available to download on all Apple iOS devices and includes detailed information about the activities you love to do in the eight parks, as well as historic locations, trail maps, events, and amenities, all in one place.


The parks in this pilot app cover a wide range of activities and unique locations, from off-highway motor vehicle recreation areas, to easily-accessible beaches, to more remote mountain sites. The eight parks in the pilot project are:iphone@2x

The pilot app provides a way visitors can access the most up-to-date local information to make the most of their park visit. Though the app doesn’t offer reservations, users can find special events, up-to-date official trail and hazard information, and get accurate directions to popular trailheads; and discover some new ones.

OuterSpatial_sample_img2The pilot project runs through 2017 and may expand to include additional parks within the state park system in the future. We’ll be monitoring feedback through the end of November, so download OuterSpatial and get outside and help us make a tool that is tailored to your adventures!

For more information on the pilot project and to download the OuterSpatial app directly from the Apple store, visit http://bit.ly/CAStateParksOuterSpatial. Send us feedback by November 30. Tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

#CAStateParks and #InventYourAdventure #CAStateParksOuterSpatial

This project is supported in part by the Resources Legacy Fund in service of the Parks Forward Initiative.


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