Transformation Yielding Tangible, Positive Successes

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Transforming an organization to make it stronger and better positioned for the future is much more than a strong vision and active planning. Ultimately, a transformation process must yield tangible successes – completed initiatives and projects. A little over a year since the Transformation Team started its work, there are plenty of success stories to celebrate. Below you will find some of these accomplishments:

  • Development of a budget architecture to provide consistent operational tasks, deliverable standards and mean of implementation.
  • Pilot testing of the service-based budget (SBB) collection system. This testing will determine the effectiveness of the data collection process and inform the Transformation Budget and Finance Committee on how to best collect the information on a department-wide basis.
  • A draft scope of work and a request for qualifications has been prepared and is under review to develop a new marketing system for California State Parks.
  • Draft partnership plan has been completed. This plan will set forth findings and recommendations for improving how California State Parks and its partners can work together to advance the mission of the department through mutual commitment and mutual accountability.
  • Electronic report of collections has been deployed in five state park districts, in the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division and at headquarters. This new system will replace all manual systems that electronically reconciles all revenue transactions to provide users with the ability to analyze revenue by district, sector, park unit, locations within a park unit and type of revenue.
  • A contract for a modernized recreation and reservation sales service has been awarded and a transition to a new vendor negotiated.
  • State Parks’ alternative camping offerings have been increased by 10 cabins at Big Sur and Redwood Coast state parks. More than 20 cabins are to be installed in 2016 at Angel Island and Calaveras Big Trees state parks.
  • An interim tool kit to facilitate the Form 81 Position Action Request process has been developed. This tool kit will help streamline the department’s hiring process.
  • Draft headquarters organization chart models have been developed and are under review.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that the Transformation Team has made. Worksheets listing all of the Transformation initiatives and projects can be found online on the Transformation website. Should you have any questions, please view the Transformation Progress Report for background information or contact us via e-mail at

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