Partnerships: A Key Component for a Successful State Park System

New Partnership Office

In an effort to bring together California State Parks’ coordination of its many valued partners, a new Partnerships Office has been established within the Park Operations Division. The new office consolidates the department’s concessions unit and the cooperating associations group, along with assuming oversight of our many nonprofit operators.

As part of a Transformation initiative to optimize the department’s ability to serve its visitors and protect cultural and natural resources through partnerships, the new office has been tasked with implementing new directives to evaluate partner effectiveness, grow valued relationships and serve field offices in the development of successful partner relations. The aim is to focus the point of inquiry for field offices and partners as we serve conventional partner needs and explore new opportunities to deliver our mission to the public.

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Partnerships are a key component for a successful state parks system. So we are looking forward to seeing this office fully realize the maximum mutual potential of partnerships. More detailed information on the new office will be provided to you at a later date.

Latest News from the Partnerships Committee

The Partnerships Committee continues working on the development of updated departmental policies and procedures, and on a draft partnership plan which will set forth findings and recommendations for improving how California State Parks and its partners can work together to advance the mission of the department through mutual commitment and mutual accountability.

The department has a long history of working with a variety of partners, such as cooperating associations, concessionaires, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, docents and other public agencies. This partnership plan builds on experience and lessons learned from what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. While much of the plan is devoted to the practice of partnering, the committee emphasizes that the value in enhancing or expanding partnerships is in furtherance of specific outcomes. These outcomes include improving management of cultural and natural resources, serving visitors and connecting the value of state parks to the citizens of California.


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