Another Accomplishment – Electronic Report of Collections (eROC)

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On March 6, 2015, California State Parks processed the first report of collections using the Electronic Report of Collections (eROC). As of March 1, a year later, the department has completed the deployment of eROC to every park unit.

The completion of this project is a huge success for State Parks. The new system provides the following benefits to the department:

  • Single Data Entry – This feature alone will benefit the department by saving thousands of labor hours that the old paper system required as a result to duplication of efforts.
  • Transactions – Bank deposits and credit card transactions are now electronically reconciled with banks.
  • Data
    • Timely and accurate revenue data is now available.
    • Revenue can be analyzed by date, district, park unit, location within the park, type of revenue, revenue detail and many other data sets.
  • Better Accounting of Revenue – Revenue generation project cost account (PCA) or State Park and Recreation Fund (SPRF) revenue.
  • Checks-and-Balances: Far fewer errors due to checks-and-balances built into the system which yields additional labor-hour savings for the department.
  • On and on…

The Transformation Team Modernization Committee led this effort, but staff from a myriad of job classifications helped create eROC. The list of people is quite large and no single person is more important than another. Staff rose to the occasion. Everybody contributed in their own way. We learned and improved as a team. This project was created from an idea, to concept, to team work, to project management, to completion.

The Transformation Team is extremely proud of the Parks Family for this huge success. Congratulations to all!

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