Lights, Camera, Action! Love Our Parks Responsibly

California State Parks thanks you for choosing our beautiful parks for your photographic activities and sharing the wonders of our park units with the world. However, in order to maintain the beauty of our parks and its natural and cultural resources, we request that all commercial, still and motion picture photographers obtain a film permit from the California Film Commission.


California State Parks requires an approved film permit for:

  • All commercial still photography and videography
  • Professional photographers offering services
  • Student photo/film
  • Professional development projects

1/250 @ f16  ISO 320   Aperture Priority  0.0
95mm lens

The fees for a film permit are paid to the California Film Commission. Why is a film permit required? State Parks charges these reimbursement fees in order to accommodate the photography and filming, recover all direct and associated costs, and to offset personnel costs.

Often times, these photo and film shoots take place outside of normal park hours and require additional Parks staff time and resources. Furthermore, depending on the specific needs of the photographers, some additional restrictions may need to be put in place to protect the resources at individual park units.


The process to apply for a film permit is easily accessible online at the California Film Commission’s website,, which includes information about insurance coverage, basic park fees and FAQs.

We thank you for loving our state parks as much as we do. Please join us in doing everything we can to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.


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