Reflecting Back on a Successful 2016


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  • 2016 saw a number of project completions and new projects launched.
  • Thank you for connecting with us and providing feedback.



Welcome to the last Transformation Tuesday of 2016. It’s been an exciting year for California State Parks. The Transformation Team, along with department staff and partners have completed a number of projects, initiatives, reached important milestones and set new goals for California State Park’s future.

Thank you for keeping yourselves informed and connected with these exciting changes and innovations. We invite you to revisit previous Transformation Tuesday stories on our department blog.

One of the major projects that the department is working on is the Organizational Structure Opportunities Project.

Informed by the work of the Transformation Team Operations Committee, California State Parks engaged with staff and stakeholders via internal and external meetings to develop a new organizational model.

Five open houses were conducted throughout the state in July and August while meetings with staff have been ongoing. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and continues to participate in this important process.

The newly developed organizational structure will be outlined in an operational transition plan, which is a state report that describes how a state department transitions from the current organizational structure to the new structure. This report is anticipated for release in early 2017.

We look forward to 2017 being filled with continued positive change for California State Parks. Happy Holidays! See you next year.


  • Stay abreast of the Transformation Team’s progress on their website.
  • The Transformation Team is interested to know your ideas, thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think.
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