Online Exams Reduce Process, Increase Opportunities for Applicants

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  • The Exam Unit administered the most exams ever in a single fiscal year.
  • More exams are available online and are easier to access.


Today we would like to share with you an update from California State Park’s Exam Unit. In 2015, the unit partnered with the Transformation Team to streamline the examination process. The goal of the initiative was to not only improve upward mobility opportunities, but to expand recruitment and hiring needs throughout the department. The partnership paid off as the availability of online, recurring and open examinations for as many classifications as possible increased.

For the 2015/16 fiscal year, the Exam Unit worked hard on making improvements and was able to administer the most exams (26) ever in a single fiscal year. This was made possible by utilizing the online exam selection methods for classifications such as:

  1. Aquatic Pest Control Specialist
  2. Museum Technician
  3. Restoration Work Specialist
  4. State Park Officer Supervisor (Ranger)
  5. Supervising Management Auditor

All of the online exams were successfully administered and processing times were reduced allowing for more examinations to be administered overall.


Improvement efforts continue into the 2016/17 fiscal year. The Exam Unit is proud to announce the recent successful negotiations with CalHR to develop the District Superintendent I and II exams and host the exams in an online format that allows candidates to receive immediate scoring results and list eligibility. With the addition of these online exams, the recruitment opportunities will improve significantly.

In addition, the following internal online examinations have been completed or are scheduled for administration during the 2016/17 fiscal year:

  1. Assistant State Archeologist
  2. Associate State Archeologist
  3. Construction Supervisor II
  4. Guide I, (San Luis Obispo)
  5. Historian III
  6. Museum Director
  7. Park Maintenance Chief I
  8. Park Maintenance Chief III
  9. Park Maintenance Supervisor
  10. Supervisor, Cultural Resources Program

Automation and process improvement are fundamental to the efficiency of the Exam Unit. However, it is not without the unit staff that they could have achieved their goals over these last two fiscal years.

One of their lead exam analysts, Karen Oswald, recently took part in the state’s new Human Resources Credentialing Program and was recognized for her accomplishment in successfully passing the “Recruitment and Selection” exam by CalHR at a graduating ceremony in November. Karen was among a select group as only the second graduating class from this prestigious program. It is with highly-skilled staff like Karen that the Exam Unit is able to provide California State Parks with the resources it needs.

Thank you Karen and thank you to everyone who worked on streamlining the staff hiring process!

For more information on the exams, please visit the department’s webpage or contact the Exams Unit.


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