Launching a New Partnership to Restore an Iconic Landscape

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Photo Credit: Stephen Sillett


  • Transformation Team has endorsed a new project that will unite public and private partners to help carry out resource restoration activities.
  • Our strategy and vision will speed the restoration of thousands of acres of forest and watershed lands to ensure that these iconic forests are preserved for future generations.


Can we rethink how we care for the largest acreages of the tallest forests in the world?

A new collaboration at Redwood National and State Parks with Save the Redwoods League seeks to do just that – mobilize a team with complimentary expertise and resources to collectively build the forests of the future and help our redwood forests thrive.

Redwood National and State Parks in Humboldt and Del Norte counties contain the largest intact acreages of old growth coast redwood remaining anywhere in the world. However, these contiguous parks also contain many acres of forests where the legacy of former logging remain. Without significant restoration to return characteristics of older forests, remove unneeded roads and reestablish streams, scientists fear that redwood ecosystems could be at risk in a changing climate.

The Transformation Team just endorsed a project (“Landscape Scale Restoration in a Redwood Ecosystem”) that will unite established public and private partners to enhance our capacity to carry out landscape-scale, coordinated forest and resource restoration activities in the coast redwood landscape.

The project will unite the efforts of the National Park Service, California State Parks and Save the Redwoods League to:

  • Develop a shared restoration strategy to focus on strategic actions to foster long-term climate resilience in the redwood landscape.
  • Develop a Coast Redwood Restoration Council and an Integrated Advisory Committee to help advise and coordinate restoration activities.
  • Cooperatively identify and jointly support restoration activities that maximize our impact through sequencing projects and sharing best practices and monitoring results.

The project is already underway, as The Save the Redwoods League is providing leadership and has hired two Forestry Fellows, based in our North Coast District offices in Eureka, who are working with California State Parks and the National Park Service to assemble foundational plans and environmental documents to support the effort. In 2017, California State Parks staff will launch a restoration project in the Mill Creek watershed of Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park that will serve as a pilot project to demonstrate a cooperative approach to this on-the-ground restoration work.

When complete, this project will help transform California State Parks’ resource management efforts by ensuring that we are working, with all of our partners, at the right scale and scope to safeguard significant resources. Our strategy and vision will speed the restoration of thousands of acres of forest and watershed lands, preserving these iconic forests to inspire future generations.


Photo Credit: Brie Grossman


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