Strengthening Our Workforce – We Invite You to Become a District Superintendent

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  • We are looking for talented people from broad professional backgrounds to serve as our leaders in the field.
  • Career opportunities are available throughout the entire state.
  • For the first time, an online examination for the classification is available.
  • Learn more at


California State Parks protects and preserves the state’s most significant natural and cultural resources while delivering public spaces to bring families and friends together and providing a wide array of recreational opportunities for the benefit and enjoyment of all people. Off-highway motor vehicle recreation, boating activities, horseback riding, on and off-road cycling, hiking, camping, and rock climbing are some of the recreational activities enjoyed in 280 state parks organized into 22 field districts.

District superintendents oversee districts and have the authority and responsibility to plan, organize, direct, implement, evaluate and control a field district’s overall program aligned with California State Park’s mission.

Below are some other responsibilities of this challenging and rewarding position:

  • Manages the protection of the district’s cultural and natural resources, real property, plans, procedures, and programs for the purpose of efficient and effective utilization of district resources in order to meet California State Park’s objective of providing quality service and experience to the public.
  • Provides leadership, supervision, training and employee development opportunities to his/ her staff.
  • Maintains cooperative professional relationships within the community in order to further the philosophy and purposes of the state park system and ensures that clear, direct liaison is maintained with local, state, and federal governmental entities and the field offices of state and federal legislators.

You can learn more about this challenging opportunity and the minimum qualifications for applicants online at The selection process for entering into this classification starts with an online exam. The good news is that for the first time, the exam can be taken online. Once you have passed the examination, you need to apply for a job vacancy.


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