Kronos Update – Further Streamlining the Hiring Process


sonyaPictured above: Sonya Jones, Office Technician for the Director’s Office

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  • The latest Kronos feature includes an automated process.
  • Users of the new system will be notified when they have something in queue and will be able to view status updates.
  • The new automated system will be tested via a pilot phase. Once this phase is complete, training and rollout to staff will be scheduled.


 Welcome to Transformation Tuesday! In January we rolled out a new Excel workbook to help streamline the hiring process at the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). This new tool took the submittal process of the DPR-81 Request for Personal Action (RPA) form from a cumbersome paper process to one that is streamlined, transparent and cutting-edge in the world of California state government.

Today we would like to share with you some exciting news – DPR has further streamlined the staff-hiring process.

The department has designed and automated the RPA “Workflow and Approval Cycle”, as well as streamlined the “Requestor’s Submission Process” by using a logical workflow to guide the information needed to process the requested personnel action. DPR is also in the process of finalizing the “Position and Employee Information” which will be populated in the department’s human resources database.

Below are some highlights of the new system:

  • Automated Approvals: Users will be notified when they have something in their queue.
  • Status Updates: Users will be able to see where the RPA (DPR-81) is in the process.
  • Paper Process: Reducing the processing, preparation, staff training time and human error associated with a paper process.
  • Electronic System: Uploading and storage of supporting documentation (e.g., org charts, duty statements, etc.) for easy retrieval and re-use later.
  • Fewer Steps: Eliminating the complexity by deleting 20 percent of the steps in the hiring process, reducing the total time for filling positions.

The new automated system will be tested via a pilot phase which involves processing 30 RPA’s. Once this phase is complete, training and rollout to staff will be scheduled.

Kronos, a recognized industry leader in workforce management automation, and key representatives from DPR’s Personnel Unit and Information Technology are working on this project. Thank you to the team for improving this important process for the department.

For those of you that have used the DPR 81 worksheet please let us what you think about it via e-mail at Your feedback can help us adjust any errors and processes. Thank you.


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