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Last week, we shared with you our latest Transformation accomplishments through the distribution of the 2nd Transformation Progress Report. The report reflected an updated set of initiatives accomplished thus far and those that are still underway.

Today, we are presenting to you the Transformation initiatives and projects in a different format – via spreadsheets. These spreadsheets are updated on a weekly basis by the Transformation Team to keep the executive team from the California Department of Parks and Recreation up-to-date on their efforts and most importantly to keep everyone accountable on their tasks.

We would like to share these with you on a regular basis – next spreadsheets will be available to the public in October. The goal is to keep you informed on the Transformation effort approach. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

The spreadsheets can be viewed online at www.parks.ca.gov/TransformationTeam under the “Transformation Initiatives and Projects” section of the website. Feedback on our effort can be e-mailed to us or submitted anonymously online.

Did you know?

  • Key members of the Transformation Team meet with the department’s executive team on a weekly basis for review and approval of initiatives.
  • As initiatives are completed, they are converted into projects and implemented on a flow basis.
  • The Team is developing a “History and Hand Off” process to ensure that change momentum is not lost when the Transformation effort is completed next year on February 1.
  • Initiatives and projects that are not fully implemented will be efficiently handed off to department work groups to complete the implementation process.

Upcoming Open House Meetings on the Organizational Structure Opportunities Project

Informed by the work of the Transformation Team Operations Committee, the California Department of Parks and Recreation has been working with staff and stakeholders as it develops a new organizational model – the Organizational Structure Opportunities Project. The department will continue with the engagement sessions and gather important input. This process is also expected to yield additional ideas on how a new organizational structure would improve the delivery of services. The feedback during this process will inform the development of a new organizational structure.

We invite you to be part of this important engagement process. Below is information on an upcoming open house meeting.

Stay informed by visiting our website – www.parks.ca.gov/ShapingOurFuture.

  • Stay abreast of the Transformation Team’s progress on their website.
  • The Transformation Team is interested to know your ideas, thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think.
  • Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and stay updated on #TransformationTuesdays!
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