Transformation Tuesday: Recreation and Reservations Sales Service (R2S2)

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California State Parks is excited to announce that it has officially begun a project to modernize the way visitors reserve and experience California’s state park facilities and activities. The transition to the new reservations service – Recreation and Reservations Sales Service (R2S2) – will help connect our visitors to our 280 state parks in a more modern way through website trip planning enhancements, more widely accepted payment methods, and other user-friendly web services. For staff, this service will provide much more robust reporting capabilities along with great features in the field such as the ability to check in walk-in patrons using a handheld or desktop interface.

Every state park location is unique and has different challenges. R2S2 will provide a fully functional integrated reservation and point of sale system that will be extremely instrumental as California State Parks continues to move forward with the modernization of its fee collection systems and data collection.

The reservation portion of the project will begin fall of 2017 with other features coming online in phased releases. Xerox State and Local Solutions Inc. has come onboard to partner with the department for the implementation of the project. The project team is currently working with Xerox to ensure a smooth transition.

Reserve America has provided the department’s reservations service for over a decade. We appreciate their continued support as we transition to the new system.

Below is a breakdown on some of the benefits that the R2S2 Project will provide to visitors and the department:


  • Improved and flexible online self-service reservation system
  • Real-time inventory for reservations
  • Interactive maps
  • Availability of annual and discount passes, gift cards, and etc.
  • More payment methods: credit and debit cards
  • Ability to purchase or reserve multiple items in one transaction

State Parks

  • New, modern fee collection devices and supporting hardware to fulfill reservations and make sales
  • Access to real-time data to manage and sell camping and tours – reducing the number of vacant campsites
  • Modern payment processing to standardize accounting practices – reducing manual processes and reporting errors
  • Increase automation to reduce manual processes
  • Operational and analytic reports to guide park management and marketing
  • Dynamic, seasonal and other demand-based pricing models
  • Customer profiles to support targeted promotional sales and notifications
  • Improved data collection: reporting of existing sales and park data, and revenue tracking and reporting

Training will be provided to staff that will be accessing the system. User manuals, small group training and online training courses will be available for each location that is affected. Additional detailed information on training, and training schedules will be available prior to the service going live.

California State Parks is looking forward enhancing the way it interacts with its visitors and provides resources to staff through R2S2. Should you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at


  • Stay abreast of the Transformation Team’s progress on their website.
  • The Transformation Team is interested to know your ideas, thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think.
  • Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and stay updated on #TransformationTuesdays!


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