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Today, California State Parks announces another Transformation effort that will help foster communication about the changes taking place in the department. The new effort is called Transformation Agent Network.

A key reason transformation projects fail has to do with “people” and the failure to consider the impact on operations, staff and external stakeholders. Having the agent network in place will help the department execute bold new strategies to improve communications during this pivotal time for California State Parks.

The network is comprised of employees from State Parks, better known as Transformation Agents, who have been selected by their managers to serve as field or division ambassadors to keep staff informed on important key departmental and Transformation initiatives (see list below). These agents will open up another line of two-way communication. Additionally, this added layer of support will enhance the efforts of our leaders throughout the department to keep employees informed of the efforts underway to improve ourselves.

Thank you to the staff that are serving as agents. We look forward to hearing from you!


Transformation Agents
Agent Leader: Gloria Sandoval, Deputy Director of Public Affairs  —  Coordinator: John Fraser, Acting Deputy Director, Park Operations
District / Division Name Title
Angeles Lynn Mochizuki Administrative Officer
Bay Area Rosemary Blackburn Supervising Ranger
Capital Kyle Watt State Historian II
Central Valley Greg Martin State Park Superintendent III
Channel Coast Tyson Butzke State Park Superintendent II
Colorado Desert Terry Gerson Senior Park and Recreation Specialist
Gold Fields Jim Micheals Senior Park and Recreation Specialist
Inland Empire Eric Palmer State Park Peace Officer (Ranger)
Monterey Pat Clark-Gray Regional Interpretive Specialist
North Coast Redwoods Greg Collins Associate State Archaeologist
Northern Buttes Trish Ladd Environmental Scientist
Orange Coast Blythe Liles Regional Interpretive Specialist
San Diego Kailey Geirman Office Technician
Santa Cruz Teri Crawford Staff Services Analyst
San Luis Obispo Coast Ty Smith State Park Interpreter III
Sierra Matt Green State Park Superintendent III
Sonoma Mendocino Andrea Mapes Staff Park and Recreation Specialist
Tehachapi Steve Ptomey State Park Interpreter III
Oceano Dunes Stephanie Little; Environmental Scientist;
Dena Bellman Associate Park and Recreation Specialist
Ocotillo Wells Jeff Price; State Park Interpreter;
Melony Light Staff Services Analyst
San Andreas Peter Jones Associate Parks and Recreation Specialist
Twin Cities Merrilee Byrnes Staff Services Analyst
Acquisition and Development Lisa Fields Southern Service Center
— Southern Service Center
Acquisition and Development David Gutierrez Northern Service Center
— Northern Service Center
Administrative Services Sonia Windtberg Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Boating and Waterways Joleane King Associate Park and Recreation Specialist
Communications John Garlock Park and Recreation Specialist
External Affairs Jean Lacher Chief, Office of Grants and Local Services
Legislation Megan Florida Staff Services Manager I
Office of Historic Preservation Jenan Saunders; Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Lucinda Woodward
Off-Highway Vehicle Division – Headquarters Jay Baker Associate State Archaeologist
Park Operations John Fraser Acting Assistant Deputy Director


  • Stay abreast of the Transformation Team’s progress on their website.
  • The Transformation Team is interested to know your ideas, thoughts and comments. Let us know what you think.
  • Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and stay updated on #TransformationTuesdays!


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