To Protect and Restore “the Best of California”


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Protecting Resources a Strategic Transformation Goal

One of the four strategic goals of the Transformation Team is to protect and enhance natural and cultural resources.

The Transformation Team’s Natural and Cultural Resources Committee has developed a high level vision that is guiding the formation of several projects that demonstrate best practices in resource management. The Committee will also be recommending new programs and systems to support our resource managers statewide in protecting our treasured resources for current and future generations.

We’re building recommendations with the help of an advisory workgroup made up of leading non-profit, agency, and academic leaders that share our recognition for the globally and locally significant natural and cultural resources in our system.

Our partners, and State Park managers, recognize our resource staff as passionate and expert in the work they do to protect and restore what’s been called “the best of California.”

As we work to build a first in class resource management program, the recommendations we make embrace the following areas of strategic focus:

  • Play a leadership role in resource protection at landscape and ecosystem levels as a cornerstone landowner and convener of protection, restoration and management actions.
  • Use the latest science-based approaches and best practices to manage our natural and cultural resources consistent with our mandates and mission.
  • Promote long term sustainability by building climate change considerations into all that we do to manage our resources over the long term.
  • Promote new types of collective engagement to foster innovation, create a shared commitment to stewardship, and harness complimentary skills, capacities, and support. cultural resources consistent with our mandates and mission.

First Project Approved for Crystal Cove State Park

The Committee has brought one project forward to the Transformation Team that addresses three of these elements. It is a collaborative venture for state park stewardship at Crystal Cove State Park among the Orange Coast District, Orange County, City of Irvine and the Irvine Ranch Conservancy. The Partners will create and implement a joint natural resources stewardship operations program that includes restoration and management of the globally rare coastal sage scrub and other significant habitats at Crystal Cove.

Several other projects are advancing to the Team that will reflect opportunities for both cultural and natural resources. Stay tuned for more details.

The Natural/Cultural Resources Transformation Committee

The Committee is led by Jay Chamberlin and Leslie Hartzell with Julianne Polanco, Steve McCormick, Laurie Archambault, Dan Osanna, and Jim Newland.

Advisory Workgroup members include:

Natural: Emily Burns,  Andrea Jones, Peggy Fiedler, Doug Johnson, Brian Johnson, Scott Morrison, David Graber, David Ackerly, Michael O’Connell, Rick Rayburn, Steve Johnson, Kevin Hunting,  and Kris Tjernell.

Cultural: Randy Bergstrom, Stephanie Brown, Jennifer D’Arcangelo, Paul Engel, Reno Keoni Franklin, Cindy Heitzman, Elaine-Jackson Retondo, Kimball Koch, Nancy Lenoil, Mike Newland, Megan Noble, Jeff Pappas, Trudi Sandmeier, Marjorie Schwarzer , Bob Schwemmer, Nate Stevens, Rene Vallanoweth, Anthony Veerkamp, Cory Wilkins and Pamela Zielske.

Each and everyone’s contributions are appreciated.

Should you have any questions about this project, please e-mail us


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