Strengthening Our Connection to Partners Through Social Media

A key to transformation is listening to your partners and implementing changes that also benefit them. This not only displays a genuine interest in their feedback, but also a commitment to continue our relationship with them. They are more than paying customers; they are partners in the protection and preservation of California State Parks.

The most efficient and wide reaching avenue to connect with our partners is through social media. Social media is utilized by grandparents, teens, and everyone in between, giving us access to communicate with people worldwide. With almost 97,000 Facebook followers and over 22,000 followers on Twitter, these social media sites have allowed us to share our Transformation updates on #TransformationTuesday. Most importantly, our partners have engaged with us on these online platforms. We’ve received questions and valuable feedback via our social media sites, helping us shape future efforts and messaging.

Below is some of the feedback that has been provided to us:

New Tool for Hiring Process Rolled Out – January 26

  • “What an improvement over the way it was.”
  • “I’d love to be a park ranger. Is there a training process?”

What topics would you like to see covered for #Transformation Tuesday on our blog? – December 15

  • “This article sums up my thoughts. Simplify the ability for willing, able and capable organizations to assist CSP with park maintenance and other functions. Senate Bill 204 by Senator Fran Pavley and Assembly Bill 549 by Assemblymen Anthony Rendon and Marc Levine would be important topics to review in your blog. Sacbee Article

The three best received #TransformationTuesday messages have been:

1. Service-Based Budgeting


2. Continuing Partnership with Google


3. Partnerships


We are excited to witness the growth of #TransformationTuesday and see where the new year brings us. We are excited to not only connect with the public via social media, but also with all of you. Stay connected with us, and our partners, on your favorite social media platforms.


Twitter @CAStateParks

Instagram: @CAStateParks


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