New Tool for Hiring Process Rolled Out

Hiring Process - January 26, 2016

One of the highest priorities for the Transformation Team is to streamline California State Park’s hiring process. The Team has been reviewing the department’s staff-hiring process and identifying opportunities for improvements that allow for more nimbleness, while still meeting important state hiring requirements.

An important achievement was made last Thursday, January 21. A new excel workbook was rolled out to the department’s administrative chiefs. This new workbook is going to help streamline the hiring process.

Currently, the process is paper-based, relies on manual data entry and the physical mailing of documents. As a result, hiring to fill critical vacancies can be frustratingly long, which negatively impacts the department’s service delivery. The workbook serves as a bridge to shift from a cumbersome paper process to one that is streamlined, transparent and cutting-edge in the world of California state government.

In this technological age, digital tools exist to automate much of California State Park’s hiring processes and the department is innovating through Kronos, a recognized industry leader in workforce management automation. While Kronos is being implemented, this workbook is a one-stop-shop for hiring to take us part way down the digital path and will be used in the months leading up to Kronos automation. This workbook contains hiring forms that were modified to reduce redundancies, error potential and unnecessary layers of approval. Using an excel workbook format allows the use of templates as well as a greater degree of standardization.

Key benefits include:

  • A list of required forms for common hiring actions
  • The ability to send all hiring documents electronically
  • Embedded instructions to clarify information needs and process improvements
  • Standardized duty statements to expedite review

The workbook is part of the Transformation Team’s change management strategy. This project was completed by the Operations/Human Resources Committee with participation from Jason Summers, Nikole Freeman, Ashley Farrell, Mike Sexton, Maria Mowrey, Christina Jaromay, Adrien Contreras and Transformation team members Helen Carriker, Ron Birkhead, Andy Vasquez, Michaele DeBoer, Jared Zucker, Dana Jones and Karl Knapp.

Workforce management is multifaceted and complex, many processes and functions are interdependent and require a strategic approach for improvement. Project by project the department is taking strides to be an innovation leader not for just the sake of innovating but because it sets a new tone for the organization, one that is relevant in the 21st century.


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