Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center Hosts Bi-National Workshop

The Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (TRNERR) Coastal Training Program hosted a binational exchange of information and ideas regarding conservation of the Tijuana River Watershed along the US-Mexico border, with a focus on climate change March 10. The workshop was hosted at TRNERR and all presentations and discussions were conducted in Spanish, with the attendees being a mix of government and non-governmental leaders from Northern Baja. Participants:

  • Became familiar with the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS), specifically the Tijuana River NERR (TRNERR) and its efforts on climate change adaptation
  • Learned about the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (CA LCC) and the San Diego Climate Science Alliance, and explored opportunities for future collaboration
  • Better understand regional climate change impacts, and climate-smart approaches for preparing our communities for the future
  • Built skills in assessing vulnerabilities to climate change, and evaluating adaptation strategies

The workshop was developed in partnership with the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and California Department of Fish & Wildlife. This event was extremely well-attended and serves as the beginning of a more focused effort to strengthen cross-border relationships around natural resource management issues that threaten the long-term resiliency of the Tijuana River Watershed.


Luis Alberto Ocampo, Secretaria de Protección Ambiente del Estado de Baja California presents on climate change planning in the Baja California.

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