Prairie City SVRA Maintenance Team Rocks

Maintenance work at off-highway vehicle parks has some similarities to the work performed in traditional parks, but there are also some very unique projects too. Take our Oak Hill rotational hill climb for example.

Prairie City SVRA is challenged topographically in the way of hill climb opportunities, so those that do exist in the park get intensified use. Left unmanaged, Oak Hill would essentially begin to lose its elevation and cause damage to the watershed due to accelerated erosion that occurs once the vegetation is denuded and tire ruts introduced from motorcycle use.
Prairie City maintenance staff, with input from our Environmental Scientist, has implemented a system that allows our motorcycle riders to enjoy this rare hill while protecting the environment as well as future riding opportunities.
A portion of the hill is temporarily closed to facilitate the rehabilitation process. Our heavy equipment operators add soil collected from our sediment basins and smooth the surface to prepare a seed bed. Straw waddles are put in place along the contour of the hill to prevent water runoff from getting enough momentum to carry off soil and seed, and finally the hill is hydro mulched with a native seed mixture.

The resulting vegetation is allowed to get well established before the area is opened up, and another area of the hill is closed and re-vegetated using the same method. Without the skillful work of our maintenance team, Prairie City SVRA would not have the sustainability, visual appeal, and riding opportunities that is has today.


Oak Hill prior to restoration


Oak Hill after restoration is completed

pc03Oak Hill after restoration has taken root

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