Oceano Dunes SVRA Veterans Outreach Project

Oceano Dunes District hosted a Veterans Outreach project March 14-15. The event utilized the parks diverse recreational activities to provide a safe and enjoyable recreation opportunity for all of the participants regardless of skill or mobility level. Park staff, concessions, volunteers, and the community pulled together to meet all of the unique challenges an event like this presents.

We want to acknowledge the highly skilled and motivated staff, but this day was about the Veterans. The Oceano Dunes SVRA family gave a little back to those that have given so much. The event can be best summarized by one appreciative participant:

“Good to see you again and so wonderful to know that the younger veterans are having these activities to look forward to. (sic) I am so impressed by the increased demand for what you do and it clearly shows the tremendous need for our Veterans and their families. Keep up the good work; you and your staff deserve many thanks…
Please forward our appreciation on to those who contributed so much for the events of the day; all the ATV folks, the transportation people, those who donated time, money, food and of themselves…. Thanks, Happy Trails, Semper Fidelis, (signed) Tim and Janet.”


Participants in the recent Oceano Dunes Veterans Outreach weekend

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