March OHMVR Tour and Commission Meeting

The Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation (OHVMR) Commission tour and meeting was March 12-13. The tour was conducted in the San Andreas District of eastern Kern County. OHVMR successfully acquired approximately 25,000 acres of land which was approved by California’s Public Works Board (PWB) in November 2014 as the Eastern Kern County SVRA, Onyx Ranch project. The San Andreas District staff has begun implementing management measures as specified in the Eastern Kern County Property Acquisition Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
The Eastern Kern County SVRA is in close proximity to the Sequoia National Forest and is an important bird area of which the Audubon Society keeps watch. The staff is working collaboratively with all of the wildlife and resource protection partners to ensure the area remains well protected and open to the public. OHVMR staff has been working with the other agencies, non-profits, and businesses active in the Jawbone Canyon/Dove Springs OHV areas and will continue to build working relationships with these entities.
The acquisition has helped to better consolidate public lands in the area which provide for OHV recreation. The general plan process for the Eastern Kern County property is tentatively scheduled to commence in 2016.
The Commission meeting was held in Palmdale March 13. Newly elected Chairperson, Commissioner Ted Cabral and the other seven Commissioners were given presentations and reports regarding the Parks Transformation Team, the OHMVR Grants Program and the OHMVR 2014 Attendance Study.


Eastern Kern County SVRA – San Andreas District

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